Obora Žehrov

Žehrov Reserve offers fallow deer, mouflon and wild boar
hunting in the wild…



Already in 1829 the Forestry Office of Svijany presented to His Serene Highness Prince Carl Rohan a project for establishing branches in the Žehrovka forest district. After its approval until mid-1831, part of the forest with an area of 517 acres and 1,218 square yards (less than 298.5 hectares) was partially enclosed by walls, partly by chopped battens (dike) and there was built a gamekeeper’s lodge called Bellevue.

This area still exists today and is focused on breeding mouflon and fallow deer. One chronicle also describes one of the Rohan family traditions: His Serene Highness Prince Benjamin Rohan and Her Serene Highness Princess Stephanie of Rohan, Mothers name Croy, got married Oct. 3, 1825, whenever the heavens blessed their marriage with a son an oak tree was planted, the first oak was planted June 13, 1826 and the last in December 9, 1835, all together five oaks and they are still there in this beautiful place called “At the five princes.”

Deer Park Žehrov currently has an area of 306 ha and is located on the protected landscape area the Czech paradise. The terrain in the preserve is very suitable for breeding mouflon. It consists of hard sandstone bedrock, Individual sandstone rocks and groups come to the surface, the terrain elevation in the preserve is about 80 meters, some ravines, rocky cliffs and forests are for the animals in the preserve a suitable and pleasant environment.

Commonly hunting takes place from observatories but for demanding hunters it is also possible to hunt on foot . Hunting on foot is suitable only for physically fit individuals, because the terrain can be physically demanding. Hunting in the preserve Žehrov can be recommended for hunting mouflon (in number about 100), these magnificent animals are known for the beautiful trophies.

Fallow deer occurs in preserve in a number of about 30 pieces. The population is made up of : fallow deer spotted, with normal color, black fallow deer and white fallow deer. All year round the fallow deer can be hunted in all age classes.



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Preserve Žehrov

Zuzana Jenčíková (Chief executive officer)